Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Sweden-based Cameroonian HipHop Artist Juwon Simmons Releases Unique New video

GöTEBORG, Sweden - March 8, 2016 - PRLog -- Juwon Simmons, one of Sweden's notable
up-and-coming spoken-word performers and Hiphop artists, releases captivating visuals to the song ''Na Tondi WA ( A song for you )'' from his last album, The Ring Of Blue Fire. Directed by Freddie Hagman and Amanuel Mehari, to a track produced by DixieHype of Berkeley, California, the work is a celebration of culture, heritage. ''Na Tondi Wa'' means ''I love you'', in the Duala language.

This release is part of a much larger project and movement aimed at bringing more diversity to media and redefining standards that influence representation in popular culture. Updates on future projects can be
gotten at his website, www.juwonsimmons.com , which also features poetry, tour listings and news.

Juwon Simmons is a Cameroonian-born music artist, writer and spoken-word poet based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he moved to in late 2009. He was the 2014 Poetry slam Champion for Jönköping city, and proceeded to compete at the nationals with his team bringing home the bronze prize in 2014 and the silver prize in 2015. He has digitally released three albums since 2011 on all digital music outlets, the last one being “The Ring of Blue Fire” released in 2014 which received great media reviews, and performed on many stages, both national and international, as headliner, supporting act and opener.
With several musical influences picked up during his time growing up and time as traveling international student, his anecdotal /story-telling lyricism is influenced by the style of the griots of West Africa, writing in contemporary urban and sometimes classic Victorian fashion for effect and by the Hiphop styles of the
Chicago and the Midwestern scene, strung to roots of Neo-soul, jazz, blues and modern experimental sounds.
His work focuses mostly on philosophies of life, society and the human mind, Afrocentrism in relation to
the world, affirmation of gender equality, power and political and social issues, responsible freedom of action and expression and self reformation.

Watch the video below...

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  1. Ce mélange avec la langue Douala lui donne une diversité toute particulière comme il entend bien faire. Son rythme de Rap aussi est très posé et cela fait plus de bien à écouter que à danser. Cependant le côté distribution de sa music n’est pas du tout avéré car absente de multiplateformes comme Google Play, Amazon music, Sonic music et j’en passe. Son site internet www.juwonsimmons.com nous révèle des distributions électroniques sur Itune, Sportify et BrandCamp seulement .Par ailleurs comment est organisée la vente des CD pour ceux qui en ont besoin ? Apparemment les promoteurs de l’artiste sont restés muet à ce sujet laissant ses fans avides et incapables de partager ces œuvres africaines avec leurs amis.

    Du moins souhaitons bon vent à l’artiste.