Friday, 18 March 2016

SDF Chairman JOHN FRU NDI visits late Monique's family in MBOPPI (photos)

Can you feel the wind of change swiping over Cameroon? Rock bottom can became a solid foundation on which we can revamped the country and every single voice is needed to achieve this. The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, John Fru Ndi is currently visiting late Monique Koumate's family in Mboppi. 
Is this a politically motivated move or a genuine show of concern? Waiting for a formal statement on the visit from the SDF .

Photo credit : Indira Ayuk


  1. Don't get fooled,that is not an act of compasion,sympathy,care nor generosity but a POLITICAL card being played.Badly i should say because the only thing i see i thid visit is someone using peoples sorrow on purpose.i call that CUPIDITY.

    1. Thank you for this comment. You said everything i wanted to say. John Fru Ndi is well known for using situations like these to manipulate people. We need fresh blood is Cameroon massa. The main party and the so-called opposition parties are frauds.

    2. Champagne at your door. Thank you Philipe.
      When you can't put your finger on something but know something is not right.
      SDF boycotting united front and all the brouhaha within the party.
      Please God we need a person of integrity in Cameroon.

    3. When u don't know anything sit quite FRU has been the reason for which u enjoy peace in cameroon despite the political propaganda. Had it been he tooks arms to fight for his factory these passed years and consequently killing innocent cameroonians which u may have been one of them the story could have been that he is wicked now he feels for you even while doing politics and the story is he is weak. FRU NDI has the capacity to accept arms and mercenaries into cameroon for a war but he never did thay for these yrs respect a man with a fatherly heart and stop being stupid. Look at south sudan congo DRC syria CAR name them look at their situation bc the oppodition won't let go of power how many people are dying every now and again. Even d so called boko haram in cameroon u will never hear FRU NDI's name mention whereas he could still accept to be at d front like others are doing come onnnn Cameroonians i say again don't be stupid u want young blood good and fine but that you ve never known. U don't know d devil insude of him that may manifest just d moment he takes power. If Ahidjo knew Biya ehom he called his son young fresh and intelligent by then will be this way i don't think he could have handed power to him. Fru Ndi is the devil i already know in the house and the devil u know is better than the angel u are still looking for.

  2. I don't give a shit what his motives may be.He is showing concern: you do same.

  3. ''Gate ce Gate'' Malox.
    A life lost cannot be regain. What is the step forward for Cameroonians? We have seen many situations like this. Android leaders needed in Cameroon.