Thursday, 17 March 2016

Scandal!!! Rich Kenyan woman exposes her 'conning' Cameroonian husband (video)

A kenyan woman by name Jane Wanuna Karwigi is currently in a legal battle with a Cameroonian man  named as Jean Koubaaf Tem. The 50-year-old wants her 3 year old marriage to the Cameroonian annulled because she discovered after marrying the man that, he was already married with three children back in Cameroon. The Kenyan claims her hubby used witchcraft on her.
Watch the video below...

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  1. Let those who have ears hear.
    Discernment is absolutely needed in life.
    Until you have heard words of your prayer ful you are resisting me. You can never be able to literally explain diabolic activities.
    All that glitters is not gold