Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Richard Bona says Biya has sent his men after him because of a Facebook post

Richard Bona is arguably one of Cameroon's greatest musicians and legendary guitarist. He seems to have launched a war against Biya and his government. In a Facebook post Richard Bona who is currently based in the USA insinuated that President Biya has ordered his secret service men to eliminate him.

According to Richard Bona, the secret service asked him to take down his Facebook post where he said Biya is "more dangerous than Boko Haram". Richard blames Biya for the Laquantinie Hospital saga. 

Richard Bona described by many as courteous, warm and funny and of course persuasive, wrote on his face book page that: “Mr President, your secret service are active on my person. I-do-not-play-Games. And my skin is TUFFF. My Legal team is ready”.


  1. Yes!! I LOVE Richard Bona for this! :)

    1. you love him for this? what do u hate him for? is that all?

  2. These are the kind of people u call heroes. He says things as they are not afraid to mention Biya's name and speak directly.. This is d kind of citizen I aspire to be..I salut Richard Bona for this..

  3. I love Richard Bona for his tough stance and direct attribution of blame to whom ever is liable without fear.That scum of the earth thinks he can hold Cameroon hostage for 34 yrs. and waste its riches while its people suffer in abject poverty despite the enormous wealth.What Biya need to know is that Cameroon will continue to exist forever while he will eventually perish .Biya thinks because he has power he can do and undo decide who is Cameroonian or not. if he can change the constitution to make him stay in power forever so can he also call for fare laws rather than the divide and rule ,for such has never prevail as eventually the people win as history has shown in many parts of the world.If after all these years in power we can't meet Maslows bottom hierarchy of need for our people what kind of leader are we?