Thursday, 24 March 2016

Notorious scammer arrested at Monté Chapel Obili (video)

A Notorious Scammer whose name we are withholding for now, has been apprehended after the police embarked on a hunt for him. He was caught this morning at a popular snack bar on the hill of monté chapel Obili.

According to the police, and as stated in his arrest warrant, this presumed scammer has estorted hug amounts of money using false pretense from many foreigners. Due to his physical strength,  it took the police over 30mins to force him into the car hired for his arrest.

source: Itie Wally


  1. so they hired a car for his arrest?? hahahhahahhahha ok....!!!

  2. Popular scammer with no name. Haha

  3. WTF!!!! Hahaahaha police hired car for they want go take small money for back....Thief

  4. rubbish rubbish rubbish