Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Please Help!!! My Fiancé Wants Me To Sleep With A Man For Money

Kinnaka please hide my ID I am in a serious confused state and don't know what to do.

My fiancé and I met in the USA 3 years ago at college. We started dating a year after meeting and when we finally  graduated, he asked me to marry him. Daniel (real name withheld) is a very ambitious guy and very pushy. He brings out the best in me and is very God orientated.

We have a bond beyond love. We were both raised by single mothers and also their only children. It is our ritual to send each other's mother a present every six months.

Six months after my mother got ill and after moving from one hospital to another she was finally diagnosed with kidney failure. Myself and Daniel got extremely depressed when we were told. She took up more shifts to make more money and fly my mother to India for a kidney transplant.

My mother's doctor in Cameroon told myself and Daniel that if she didn't have a transplant in a month then she might not make it. We have saved some money and even sold our cars but just need a little more time to complete it for her full treatment in India.

Last night on Craigslist we tried to sell some of our furniture and kind of ended up in the wrong section of the site. When I came back home he told me he had found and spoken on the phone with a man from Craigslist  that was ready to pay the money for the treatment but all I had to do was sleep with him.

I was in shock at Daniel's new solution and I wasted no time in telling him so, but he wouldn't change his mind. He says if I love my Mother as much as he thinks I will do anything to try to keep her alive. He told me the man will wear a condom and only do what I am comfortable with. He also said they have agreed he will be in the room so as to make me comfortable.

I have told Daniel that I am not willing to do it, he is insisting if I don't do it I might lose him and my mother. Advise me please KB readers. What should I do?


  1. You boyfriend is as real as it gets. Go and fuck the man and pay your mother's bill. Society will judge u and tell u otherwise but none of them will offer u money to help your mother. I think as a single mother in Cameroon your mother most have sacrificed a lot for u. Now it's ur time to do same for her. She doesn't have to know about this ohh.

  2. In order for a man to impose himself in a girl mindset sometime that man attacks the women in her psychological cognitive mechanism and force her silently to accept or to do what she never wanted to do in her life. As a result if that attempt become successful for the man, he would psychologically dominates on that woman in the future because every time she will think about him, she may feel ashamed but she will still respect him which creates a tacit attachment to him as the source of her shame. That is what thugs do to women all the time and win them over nice guys out there.

    Concerning this case, the demand is very subjective and compromising as it involve a third party who is set to sexually penetrate this young girl. At this point the love and attachment that she have for her man become embarrassing instead and even oppresses her as she become desperate to lose her man.

    It is never the end of the world to lose a man who request all nature of unwanted subjective and compromising acts from a woman as this is the materialization result of his low esteem for her. It is harassing and abusive for a man to do so and it is very disappointing for a woman to experience that.

    As a resolution a woman should seek and build her self-esteem away from a man variable and actions but on unshakable and intrinsic values and principles inherent to her ancestry and many other good values displayed toward men. Such intrinsic values could be the ancestral pride and commitment to be a loving and supportive woman attached to a loving man committed to honor her by all means possible. That is how our ancestral women were living and attaching themselves to men. On this way no man will become the epicenter of her action if he does not match with her common value system. And she may walk away from him easily and start a new relationship with someone who appreciate those values she love to display.

  3. That is a big trap my dear. Your husband is really putting you to the test, and I assure you that after the act he'll never look at you the same way ever again. By the way having sex with a stranger...hm rebuke that demonic soul tie that is finding its way into your home. I wish you all the best. Ashia mami

  4. This is a trap from which u may never be freed if u fall into it. I am sure ur mom would not approve of that even if it means losing her life. Just pray very hard and ask for God's direction to some other source of money. But this is a big NO. what kind of guy does that?

  5. listen to the voice of your conscience and do not be too cheap to get to that level because he will remind you of what you deed some day. Also remember that the end does not justify the means.God is in control just have faith all will be well

  6. Hmm this is interesting. Someone who has proposed to you tells you that unless you sleep with a 'stranger', you might lose him? LOL. Honey, he ain't worth keeping in the first place! The truth is, whatever decision you take will end up tearing you guys apart. Ironically, you mentioned he is 'very God oriented'. I won't tell you what to do; all I will say is, you can't serve man and God at the same time. What this guy/ man of your dreams is asking you to do is SELL your body for money, in other words, he wants you to PROSTITUTE yourself!!!

  7. Fear is an emotion that's not from God.
    Fear is the fruit of condemnation.
    When you believe God's not on your side. You are afraid and try to provide for yourself. e.g Adam n Eve

    I hope you see how both of you are reacting due to fear. And both of you have different ways of showing this.
    1. The matter at hand is that your mom is sick. This is an assignment from the pit of hell. And the house of cards is about to collapse if this situation isn't handled with wisdom from God.
    2. You have taken the initiative to seek for help. Which is courageous sharing your story.
    3. The solution at hand is that from God and solutions that gives you PEACE will be your guide.
    4. No1 beside you, u not at rest being your mom is sick. The next step is to destroy your self image. Just because men can deep and leave doesn't mean there aren't implications. Women feel it more. Why because they are receivers. Sex is a covenant that isn't meant to be tread lightly. Sex is the exchange to soul. And that's why they call it soul ties. You spirit exchange with each other and you become one. If you understand the implications and spiritual aspect of sex. One will understand why fornication is a no no.
    This guy whom it's being proposed for you to sleep with. Do you know whom he has slept with? There is still spiritual implications no matter even condom is used.
    Do you know his background? Do you know if he is a spiritualist and wants to steal your destiny, or use you for rituals?
    The quest for money so many men have confessed stories that will shock you to the core.
    4. Challenges like this open our eyes about our selves and those around us.
    a. your finance.. did you pray before you accepted his proposal. What did God tell you?
    b. You know your finance well has he been selfish and also do you have a low self esteem. This is because those who have low self esteem don't love themselves and those who are selfish think they love themselves but they don't actually love them selves. you attract what you got.
    c. It's only you who can access this situation and know the person you are trying to tie a knot for better or for worse this challenge could be an eye opener to the person you are about to marry.

    I can tell you countless testimony from myself. But I will encourage you to seek God. He is the father of the fatherless and judge for the widows. Ask for your provision and healing for your mom at the very root.
    This is time to seek His face and not be condemned. Evict from things that condemn you. Fast once a week. Pray at midnight Ps 23 and Ps 91 and also at 6am. So let your inner man be charged. The solution has already been provided it's just for you to receive. Don't set your mind on how you perceive to receive the answer. Meditate in book of John and Romans.
    Please do not run from pillar to post seeking clergy men. Seek Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior. If he is.

    I would leave you with this. I had a challenge and while praying I had like a caution not to see a certain boy again. I was so attracted to this person but I just had to listen. I just kept my distance and was hi hello.
    It took me over a decade to understand that this person doesn't have a mind of his own. He has no respect for me or my family members. Obviously not husband material. You see when their guard is down or pressure you see the true colors of people. The Lord knows the future. i have had so many that it's now normal for me. I know that in due time I understand why God said NO.
    I am not special I am made from the same hands that created you. God is you FATHER

    Besides just because India is accessible. Am sorry those people are nice when there is money. I rest that for you to ponder.

    May the Lord heal your mom from the very root, provide for you and also open your eyes for your future.



  8. If your mum is to die or make it sleeping with the world would not change it. Don't do it. God giveth and taketh when it's His time so pray for grace and not disgrace yourself by sleeping with someone

  9. My dear... its a good thing u shared your story. please don't do this... I can't fathom y ur fiance is threatening to leave you... its the devil my dear. don't yield...

  10. I know u r desperate.... dats y d devil is playing w your mind... Persevere.. for sure His glory shall surely prevail