Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Paul Okoye cries as he addresses P Square split in an emotional song ''Call Heaven''

Paul Okoye has released a heart breaking snippet of his new track ''Call heaven'' where he addresses his split with his brother Peter..He says he wishes his parents were alive to intervene ..Part of the lyrics go...

Make somebody please call heaven,
make I tell my mama say e don happen
oh papa na that level
wey I promise you say e no go happen
If to say una dey for everything wey dey happen today
we no for misbehave
All man for the concentrate
Wherever you are
We no be who we are

coz if to say una dey
for everything wey dey happen today
E for be say una for intervene
cos right now everything na pain
see your children dey misbehave
See the fans all of them dey shame
(Tears)fade out


  1. na really thing 4 call heaven ma broda. "Blood no be wata !!!.....
    God is in control, wish u the very best!!

  2. Stop behaving like ladies go and make up..

  3. That Video is private? Really? Kiki, I think all this P-Square thing is publicity stunts. Only time will tell if they mean it.

  4. I love psquare but I think this is a plan act and a business strategy for more publicity and fame. These guys just want worry! But if its for real then heaven really needs to intervene. In all situations you rock so no stress. More Grace!!