Sunday, 20 March 2016

Paul and Jude Okoye reacts to Peter Okoye's revealing interview

The Okoye's are still at it! The saga doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon! Paul Okoye deleted his call for peace following his twin brother's tell-it-all interview with The Net Ng last night. Jude Okoye who has been under fire following Peter's interview on the other hand says there are "3 sides to a story"...


  1. Jude why don't you tell you side then if there is any? Your statement is what we call a pure speculation in order to maintain confusion. But Peter is well educated about these move and will certain keep everything in control with his good composure. Let's see how far this dude of Jude will keep up with his lies.

  2. Peter's detailed interview was a tactical stroke of genius. He has effectively establish a narrative that Jude and Paul would have to react to, in a defensive mode.

    There is no other way. They would have to respond to a myriad of specific question, in a manner which would make it impossible for them to control the narrative anymore.

    To be realistic, PSquare as we know it is dead. So long as Jude has a firm grip of Paul's balls, PSquared would never be the same, reconciliation not withstanding. I commend Peter for his bravery to come out and give a detailed run down of all the maneuvering that Jude and Paul had been engaged in with the sole purpose of marginalizing and humiliating Peter

  3. Those two (Jude and Paul) should take some classes and bring their paper to me for grading in:

    - philosophy on the topic of Ethic And Entrepreneurship.
    - Psychology on the topic of Theory Of Personality
    - Human resources management on the topic Conflict Management in Business Organization

    These problem are happening because Jude and Paul have a lot of money in their hands with a big ego that confuse them and they cannot swallow their prides because of a poor education.

  4. I feel like jude is the instigator behind the whole problem, and paul is following him like a sheep