Monday, 7 March 2016

New Music: Peter Jericho is all about the melanin in "Black Excellence" (video)

The EP WestSideStory was released to the public November 27th 2015, (Black Friday) on AudioMack and Soundcloud.  The project is from my Vantage point, portraying the experiences of an individual living in the inner city of Chicago, Specifically the West Side.

Teaming up with producers from the Chicago Area,  I-Will and Bruus, and Deli the Washington Native, we told a melodic story about the Hardships, Love, hate, bad and GREAT times one might face having walked the streets of these tough neighborhoods.  It speaks heavily on how to keep hope alive, stay out of trouble, celebrate your situation,  maintain a positive mind, and fight the system which is set up against us.

Black Excellence is a single from the Westside story EP that delivers the general message to sum up the project. Inspite of all we have gone through, due to our misfortunes, there is still opportunity to be great; to be Excellent. Many Examples have been set forth for us to follow by those who have walked in our shoes. If we pursue their lead, we give ourselves the opportunity making a way, a future for ourselves and our families.

This is what i hoped the Black Excellence Video, released March 3rd 2016, portrayed. We come from a very rich lineage and it is ok to carry yourself as such. We are worthy. Its an important message for the youth.
"With everything up against us, some how we prevail, i hope and pray God Blesses, Black Excellence"
Lets fight adversity together and continue to grow into our Excellence.

Watch "Black Excellence" video below...

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  1. Great artist... Love his new song Black Exellence