Friday, 18 March 2016

Mr Leo gives cryptic advice to Cameroonian artists

Cameroonian afro soul artist, Mr Leo is a man of very few words and so when he speaks we literally stop everything and listen. The humble E Go Betta singer took to Facebook this morning to give some cryptic advice to Cameroonian artists. He wrote:

"A piece of advice to my fellow Cameroonian artists. "Don't buy YouTube views". You will be deceiving yourself. Peace and happy weekend."
Na wah oh...We need names Mr Leo... Much love and respect for you!

Watch Mr Leo's On Va Gérer below.


  1. I'm telling you.some people buy even likes when it comes to voting on'd see one of the contestants with 1000 likes all Chinese and indians

    1. Hahahaha Chinese and Indians lmaooo. Am dead.

  2. Nice lyrics wow p

  3. To me this guy is the iish! He's intelligent and has a top notch talent! As in ei de sing too much sense and the voice oh my goodness! Wish he could really get more promotion!

  4. Looks like about 200 people have bought me. I check my handle and am like what the????
    Please does anyone know how to handle this social media madness and fakeness?