Monday, 14 March 2016

Monique Koumate's husband recounts his own side of the story

MOKUM MBAH the husband of deceased MONIQUE KOUMATE said that they left a health center which could not handle their case and for Laquintini hospital. Unfortunately on their way there Monique died.  However, her babies where still kicking.

When they arrived the newly inaugurated maternity building, the nurses on duty sasked them to take the corpse to the mortuary. When they went to the mortuary, the attendants said the babies are still kicking and that they don't bring pregnant dead women to the mortuary. Monique's family then took her back to the maternity building and the babies were allegedly still kicking at this point.

The maternity were closed by the nurses the last time they took Monique's corpse there which is why they had to infront of the doors on the floor. Monique's niece was advised by one attendant to buy razor blade and operate the lady to save the babies. So she did the amateur operation behold the babies died.

One of the babies was reportedly still alive but died minutes later.

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