Monday, 28 March 2016

Meet Samuel Eto'o's Cute Younger Brother (photos)

Did you have dreams of becoming the famous Mrs Eto'o? Do you feel like Samuel Eto'o's marriage to Georgette ruined your dreams? Well I have found a way for you to right your destiny...David Eto'o is Eto'o's younger brother and just as cute as him, can't guarantee you that they have the same size of bank accounts though. He plays football professionally for Union sportive of Douala. I can't independently validate his relationship status but if he is as married as his bro Eto'o then you have to mentally and physically to take lessons from Nathalie Koah.

As a way of saying thank you to you as my reader, I put together a starter kit for you.

Here we go...his Instagram handle is @etoodavidpierre. Send him a DM.
Find his Snapchat ID and few photos of him below for encouragement. Good luck and don't forget to give me all the exclusives when you get into the honey pot.



  1. those tattoos are not insignificant.
    Marriage is not all about the cuteness!

  2. What makes you think or say he is Cute, Kinnaka,s Blog? With those tatoos all over his body and an ear ring on his ear, you say he is Cute? How do you define cuteness? In my opinion, he is not Cute, i mean not even the least because he has reduced himself to nothing with the ear ring and tatoo all over his body. Samuel Eto'o is cute because he is natural and handsome but his brother in my opinion is not.He should not be considered a Cute guy simply because he is the brother to Samuel Eto'o.

  3. He is the brother of the naked and pervert boy and many women should know what type of sexual life he may have copy from his brother and not fall into any form of charm he may attack them with avoiding him like a plague. Women should believe in themselves that they can build their own pattern of fame in their little corner of the world without attaching themselves to celebrity who may give them little leverage in the control of their relationship.

    1. you are jealous man your words are too hard for sam

  4. Camerooians and analysis. I hail u all anonymous and Auguste aka mr LONG COMMENTS.

  5. He looks like a gangstar. Too much going on with tatoos and vanities like fake gold watches and fake gold chains etc .too fake

  6. david eto is an ass.n his bank account is nothing to write home abt