Monday, 21 March 2016

Meet Beyonce's Cousin Who Has Taken Over The Internet

Beyoncé has based a large portion of her career around her sexy curves—but the bootylicious crown goes to a certain member of her family. Beyoncé attended her uncle's (Tina Knowles’ brother Lumis "Skip" Beyoncé) funeral in Texas, over the weekend. As with most burials, the ceremony brought together members of the Knowles family.
Kristin Douglas, one of Beyoncé's cousins, posted an Instagram photo of herself alongside Bey and sister Kelsi. The photo soon made waves on the Internet, most people forgot Queen Bee was on the photo as they all eyes zoomed in on Kristin's hourglass frame.

Her large, umm, ass-ets completely took over Twitter as men and women alike couldn't help but to make slightly perverted but hilarious comments on her booty (honestly, it's pretty remarkable). The viral moment resulted in Kristin's Instagram follower count skyrocketing to over 14k! For once, despite being in the center of the photo, Beyonce was not the center of attention.

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