Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kah Walla leads water shortage protest in Douala (photos)

Dozens of opposition leaders have taken to the streets Tuesday in protest against acute shortage of portable water in the port city of Douala, Cameroon's economic hub. Hundreds of protesters lead by female politician Kah Walla, held up empty bowls and banners.

"We cannot live by the banks of the sea and yet wash our faces with spittle," an angry politician Patricia Ndam Njoya tweeted on the social media.

For several decades, water has been in shortage across the country. Water bills flow more than water. Beer runs in excess all times, meanwhile portable water supply is erratic.
"We do not need an anticipate 2017 elections. The constitution must not be changed," opposition leaders chanted while holding up their bowls.

President Paul Bartholomew Biya Bi Mvondo , 83, seeks to alter the constitution that would favor a poll in 2017 and not 2018, observers say. In 2008, he erased constitutional terms limits, declaring himself president for life. Biya came in power in 1982.

Source: Tapang Ivo

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