Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Journalist's Lawyer Almost Assassinated At Hotel In Yaounde

The lawyer defending the Cameroonian journalist, who reports for Radio France International RFI, in the Hausa Language, has declared that he was almost assassinated in Yaounde, March 27.

Barrister Charles Tchoungang told the Yaounde Military Court, March 28, that he could not explain why there were attempts at taking away his life. He added that he is yet to find his personal belongings.

Few minutes after the court session started, Barrister Tchoungang requested for permission and declared:
“I was almost assassinated yesterday (March 27) evening. I arrived in Yaounde and moved as usual to Hotel Njeuga Palace. I was given room 407 at the reception. In the lift which was to take me to my room, I was attacked by three individuals.

 I felt I was injected. The following day I woke up naked and found myself in room 240. I am yet to find my personal belongings; my phones and my car keys. I was drugged and searched. I am sure my assailants were making attempts at stealing documents in connection with the case of my client,’” Tchoungang said.

Security forces are said to have opened up investigations. It is reported that investigators are due to be watching the Closed Circuit Television, CCTV footage of the hotel to try to identify suspects.
Barrister Tchoungang is defending one of  the Hausa language correspondents for RFI, arrested on June 30 2015. The journalist, Ahmed Abba has been charged with complicity to terrorism and for not denouncing same. 

Abba's lawyers had earlier picked holes with his incommunicado detention. They questioned why he was not allowed to meet his lawyers, family members of medical doctor. Abba’s case was adjourned to April 25 2016.

The failed alleged assassination attempt on the lawyer of the RFI correspondent came barely weeks after one of the Minister Delegates at the Presidency, Paul Atanga Nji reportedly threatened to kill a journalist and publisher of Emergence Newspaper, MAGNUS BIAGA. 

The journalist  said his  ‘crime’ is for reporting critically about First Lady Chantal Biya.  Minister Atanga Nji is quoted as saying even if he kills the journalist, nothing would happen to happen to him(Atanga Nji).   The threats  took place at the offices of communication Minister Issa Tchiroma and in his presence.  Tchiroma has not offered a word or grant a press conference about the incident as many might have expected.

source: soloamabo.blogspot.co.uk

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  1. And so goes the struggle between the press and the Government that has been going on for 60 years since the Independence of Cameroon. Would all those journalist who understand the problem and solution allow themselves to be kill with their lawyer without doing anything to free this country from those institutionalized murderers? There is no neutral press and the western journalist can illustrate that very well when the interests of their countries in Africa are at stake. So dear journalists and lawyers pick side for or against the CPDM/RDPC or you maybe killed like Bibi Gota and nothing will happen.