Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Is Nathalie Koah pregnant? (photos)

Tongues have started wagging after Nathalie Koah took to Facebook to share "casual" photos of herself today. The trimmed socialite seems to have added a few pounds around her belly and waist region.

Could this be a baby bump...or just too much food from yesterday's international women's day celebrations?    

What are your thoughts KB readers?

See the photo below...


  1. Si elle est enceinte alors je souhaiterai être le père. C’est une femme très soumise et c’est bon. Ce n’est pas toutes les femmes qui supportent un home pendant sept ans.

  2. Since Eto'o Fils forced her to have sexual penetration in front him just for his satisfaction for seven years, this pregnancy may come from the remains of sperms left by Eto'o and his other friends into her vagina. So it could be a multipregrancy from different father due to Eto'o fils sexual perversion. Hope he will take responsibility during this pregnancy and when the babies will be delivered.

    If she is pregnant the humiliation of 3 days in Newbell prison from 29th May to 31st May 2014 may causes depression, stress and anxiety in her health which may endanger the well development of the fetus. So we should be vigilant and pray that she bring those children to life and let's celebrate with her :)
    Somebody and preferably a sister should organize her baby shower in many cities in Cameroon, Europe, Asia and America for Nathalie. The creation of Facebook page, twitter page, Instagram, Line, Myspace and Pinterest, WhatsApp, Meetup page and all other must be establish to celebrate the baby shower, the birth delivery and he baby monthly grow just like Baby Prince George in UK.

    I will love to hire many baby sitter for the care of those babies since my brave sister from another mother called Nathalie may be busy doing business and entrepreneurship to help the whole world.

    Those babies should be happy and never suffer in the hand of a naked and pervert person for seven years like what happened to their mother unfortunately.

    Her children should have the best education of the world in the prestigious university that will exist in the future so that they can confront the other son and daughter of Eto’o about what he did the our lovely sister Nathalie. When it will come from the children Eto’o Fils will be force to respect and apologize to Nathalie.

  3. None of you will have a chance to squeeze her delicious boobs, or leak her juicy vagina that you saw on her picture all over the internet. Just contempt yourselves with those pictures, digest your sexual appetite and thank who ever released those one because it has never been proved that it was Eto’o who did it. In order to be realistic, how would you approach NK if you will never see her in person in your life?