Friday, 11 March 2016

Is he at it again! Jovi releases a statement on why he wouldn't be attending the 2016 Kora Awards

Jovi wouldn't be attending the 2016 Kora Awards. The following is a statement from his record label...
Statement on Jovi Attendance for the 2016 Kora Awards
March 11, 2016 
We would like to announce to our fans that Jovi will not be attending the 2016 Kora Awards. We are very appreciative of the professional and cordial communication we have had with the Kora Awards committee since August 2014, when they first expressed interest in Jovi. While we have had a great relationship with the committee and organizers, we have still not received any information on Jovi’s travel arrangements, even though we have requested details since January 2016. It is not feasible for us to continue to put other projects and engagements on hold, while we wait for information. We have done our best to promote the awards show, created material to promote his nomination, discussed it in interviews, and heavily encouraged our fans to vote. With less than one week left before Jovi is scheduled to leave, we have had no response to get information available for us to plan our itinerary, and we prefer not to scramble at the last minute to make arrangements. We SINCERELY appreciate all of the fans who have voted for Jovi’s Mboko God to win Best Album. We would not have reached this far without your support! Jovi is proud to represent Cameroon for the Kora Awards, and we wish all the nominees and the Kora Awards committee the best of luck! Thank you to all the fans that have spent funds texting, voted online, and shared the nomination. We hope to work again with the Kora Awards in the future.
New Bell Music.
Just history repeating itself...what are your thoughts KB readers?


  1. Same s**t! different day!I tire Jovi and his 'team'

  2. What the fuck is wrong with Jovi?? This is second award he's not attending. May be he's shy to Rep his album. Bitchy behaviour, that's how I call Fuck the whole lable #NewBewlIsShit

  3. Jovi na serious FOOOOOOOLLLL. My best artist is just making a fool of himself and disgracing his fans. So the man no fit find money go the KORA awards then hustle reseau and get bigger? Connect himself to others and do international collabos etc.... How stupid is this guy ehhh? I expected better from the NEW BELL boss. This is another talent that will just be wasting till its forgotten completely.

  4. Hihihihihhihihi life no easy. Why all this drama with this people sep. well i don't blame Jovi nor the kora team I think it was their agreement so kora can even be the blame. Cameroonians will just come here just de troway blame to Jovi. Wunna allow that guy alone nah Weh. If you tell me you'll pay my flight and on the time to travel you enter sosongo make I follow you too lol SMDH

  5. Am strongly agreeing with this....when you're not cheap, when you are a flag bearer and a Good artist you should be treated with atleast but minimum respect. So either they make those details available or continue doing what you do best "keeping us Entertained."

  6. Jovi dont need to create relationship for international colabo with no1. a black man will have the gun and still surrender..craze!

  7. Jovi na poor no dey 4 pay flight. Simple as! Others pay their flight. If ye be king of Cameroon music as ye d claim mk ye fly go. Poor arata. He is a disgrace to his whole team and fans. Make the kwata god ask okada people make them donate ye go award waka disgrace yeself every day.

  8. "I Engineer , I produce , write , Compose and perform
    Everything you see is from my mind
    I do it everyday it's too easy"
    If all these ya mop be na money like you pass bill gate by now.
    After all that you have no kobo to pay flight.clap for yourself. Empty vesile

  9. Jovi is broke ... no cash to pay flight ... standley Enow can't do that !!! JOVI NO GET MONEY ... SO WHONNA STOP FOR WORRY THE BOY SEF

    1. You are the biggest fool alive... Tarh Paddy king..... Its not a matter of broke or not being broke and more to that Jovi is not broke. asshole. its a matter of the the award getting his reservation done

  10. Good jovi. next time u Kora will act better aand give u arrangements before schedule. no rush boy.

  11. You dont raise your shoulders when you are still hungry ,he has a long way to go ,humble yourself take the shit ,grow then you can start cancelling this .He is getting bad advice .Just to mention i dont like his music .

  12. I strongly agree with Jovi. Respect their reasons. Kora awards is not his all anyways. Stop insulting him.