Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to apply for the $1000 fund by Kinnaka's blog under project "Gola"

Hello KB readers, 
I know this is long overdue but after putting out word on what Kinnaka's Blog wanted to do under project "Gola" a few of you contacted me with your concerns. Most of you were worried that the people who really need financial help in starting up a small business for themselves are not really online as they can't afford the internet. That is very true and I think it will be very painful to give out this money to someone who will use it on something other than what it is intended for.

I have been brain storming and thinking of a way to get to the real people. You all trust me to inform you about what is going on out there, so I am going to trust you all with the responsibility of getting this small token to the right person. I am sure you all know that person around your neighbourhood that could do with a little support to start up a business. Or you all know someone passionate about a project but limited by funds. 

So this is how it will go down...Send us an email and an essay telling us why you need the money and how you intend to use it. You can also apply on behalf of someone you know in your neighbourhood that needs help but has no access to the internet. Charity owners can also apply for someone they have been working with. Please note that any information you send will be viewed by a third party and might or will be shared on this blog if you are chosen. The $1000 fund that to be given out under project GOLA is only for people, who are under the age of 30. And the project has to be within the range of $500 each. Application closes on March 31, 2016.

Don't forget to include the following when applying...
– Full real names
- Age - Location
- Why you need the fund
- How you intend to use it
- A short statement giving the go ahead for your information to be viewed by a third party or posted on this blog. 

The email to use is  
Thanks for your support over the few months Kinnaka's blog has been running. All my love 


  1. kudos dearie..... God Bless you for this Charitable gesture

  2. Jah Bless KB, and will replenish for your kind gesture

  3. I sent my own project already to your email this morning.

  4. Will Like to Have an updates so far on the Gola Support Project.