Monday, 21 March 2016

How Davido's Youtube videos saved him from the US police

The US police just cannot understand how a young African man can afford a flamboyant lifestyle without being a fraudster. Davido escaped arrest in the United States after police men visited to his home to question him about being a scam artist.

According to Africa Facts Zone, US police went to Davido’s home in Atlanta, Georgia to ask him questions about his source of income…their reason for suspecting him is because he lives in a nice house and his flamboyant lifestyle

Unfortunately they didn't believe Davido when he told them he was a superstar from Nigeria! The "Aye" singer showed them his YouTube page which has over 100 million views and they apologised and left.

Davido himself confirmed the report on his Twitter. Read Below -


  1. Les policiers aux Etats Unies sont aussi des humains qui peuvent être Jaloux et ils sont très jaloux du progrès des Noirs dans certaines citées. Lorsqu’un incident ciblé comme celui-là se produit il faut identifier ce policier et saisir un avocat qui va monter une plainte contre son attitude et y impliquer les media. Ainsi cette contre-offensive va emmener ces policiers à avoir de la retenue quand ils vont vous approcher prochainement.