Thursday, 17 March 2016


GiftedMom launches a toll free number 8655 which provides a channel for pregnant women and  
mothers of newborns to send their questions to a medical doctor, and to subscribe to
antenatal care visits and immunization sessions reminders.
8655 is a toll free number dedicated to pregnant women and mother of young children. To benefit from this service, a woman who has a concern about her pregnancy can text the keyword MOM followed by her question to the number 8655 to get response from a medical doctor. A mother whose baby has a health problem can also text to the toll free number for assistance. Women can also subscribe for antenatal care visit or baby vaccination reminders by texting MOM to 8566.

GiftedMom is a leading mobile health solutions provider in Africa. We leverage last mile technologies to provide pregnant women and new mothers access to health information and strengthen linkages to antenatal care. GiftedMom which started operations in 2013 has impacted over 8000 pregnant women and mothers by sending them reminders on their antenatal care visit and baby vaccination dates, respectively. Weekly education tips are also sent to subscribers. The organization currently works with over 30 hospitals in Cameroon.

GiftedMom has the following excellence awards to its credit:
the Anzisha Prize offered by MasterCard Foundation for the best Social Venture (2014)
the African Start-up Award (2015)
Award for the best health innovation in Africa (2015)
Award for entrepreneurship, Ministry of Youths and Civic Education (2016).

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