Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Getting back stuff from your ex is never easy but this guy did it in style!

Ladies may we read and learn! Getting your stuff back from your ex after a break-up is almost impossible, especially when both parties can't come to an agreement on whether the expensive iPhone was given as a gift or a loan.

This guy however found a very mean way to get "his" property back when things went sour.

After splitting up with his girlfriend Melisa, this guy demanded she returned his iPhone, which she claimed he gave her as a present. She refused.

During a heated text exchange, he informed his former flame:

"I'm getting the phone back I hope you know."

Melisa replied: "How?? and the following conversation ensued:

Her former partner then decided to stop playing nicely. Using the Find My iPhone app, he traced Melisa's device and registered it as lost before erasing it of all its contents.

As a final blow he added the message:

"Hey babe, I decided to turn off my phone. See since it's my phone I can do that. "Shouldn't have called me a f*** boy. Have a nice day. #phoneless."

He then texted Melisa's mum to make sure he would get back the "$300 dollar stolen coaster".

The exchange was uploaded to picture sharing website imgur , where it has since gone viral.


  1. This guy has the mentality of Samuel Eto'o Fils for asking his Ex-girlfriend to return something he gave to her as a present. And the guy acknowledged at the beginning of those text. That is a legal proof. What a pervert guy! After receiving sexual gratification in exchange for the gift offered to her, now that it is over he want his stuff back. Could he also return all the sexual gratifications that she offered to him with the time and emotion that she invested in him?

    And the selfish perverted guy does not stop there. He stalked her phone with that "find my phone" app and erase the data she stored in it. Legally she could charge him for invasion of privacy and I can show her how to do so if I have a chance to speak to her. This guy did not have the right to erase everything she stored on that phone such as her contact list and important note and many other data belonging to her. He did so as an attempt to recover his phone which he could have recovered by having a lawyer sending her a simple letter. Obviously his phone was not lost which demonstrate a fraudulent use of that "Find My Iphone" app. Therefore the fraudulently used that app in order to damage someone private information in an attempt to emotionally hurt that girl. This is call an abuse of proximity which is also considered as sexual harassment. This guy should also be charged for sexual harassment. This guy did not just stop there. This sexual harassment act is being materialize again with the fact that this guy went ahead and even dare contacted her mother in an attempt to emotionally embarrass and humiliate her. That is also called blackmailing.

    As a summary here are the charges of that sexual pervert guy:
    - Invasion of Privacy
    - Abuse
    - Sexual harassment
    - Blackmailing
    - Fraudulently use of the app called "Find My Iphone"

    That girl should not be stuck in her emotional pain. That girl should never return that phone and call the police immediately and file a lawsuit with her lawyer. That is similar to what Nathalie Nkoah did and everybody know the rest of the story.

  2. yes and she lost everybody knows the rest