Monday, 21 March 2016

First pictures of world's largest aircraft the size of a football pitch

The world's largest aircraft has been unveiled for the first time since being fully assembled in the UK. The 302ft long Airlander 10 - part plane , part airship - was floated in a First World War hangar in Bedfordshire.

Photographers struggled to capture the whole length of the aircraft, which is around 50ft longer than the biggest passenger jets. It was first developed for the US government as a long-endurance surveillance aircraft but it fell foul of defence cutbacks.

British firm Hybrid Air Vehicles launched a campaign to return the Airlander 10 to the skies in May 2015. It will now carry out ground testing before 200 hours of test flights begin later this year.
There is no other plane the size of the Airlander 10
The huge aircraft will be able to stay airborne for around five days during manned flights. HAV claim it could be used for a variety of functions such as surveillance, 
communications, delivering aid and even passenger travel.

culled - Mirror uk

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