Saturday, 12 March 2016

Film Producer Agbor Gilbert Slams The Creators Of BrightenMi

The before and after photos released unapologetically by the creators of BrightenMi, Lenore and Lily are already getting slammed even before the product launched on March 14.

Multi Award winning producer, Agbor Gilbert one of the many people unimpressed with BrightenMi. Gilbert took to his Facebook page to critise the the product and it's creators.

Eehh Gilbert according to word on the streets, producers prefer lighter skin women over darker skin in their movies.
We hope that is not the case in your movies. Thank you for speaking up against this "thing" alienating our beautiful black women.


  1. Right on point Mr Egbe..for someone to make a decision to change their color that means they have lost all sense of self worth,controlled by what people who shouldn't matter (whites) say,no self esteem at all..this kind of self worthlessness can only produce more worthlessness...

  2. I know these girls on social media. I know they love fashion. This quest was derived when one of them suffering from acne was looking for a solution.
    In as much Gilbert is right the root of the issue is self love. Rather than bashing the girls. Why not send a loving message to the girls that you are loved irrespective of your complexion.
    See insecurity creeps into one when one doesn't know that self love, loved by God and those around.
    I am not surprised with their product, for the cure to acne has it's own packages. 1 I can't remember the name of the popular product people use to use in pays to cure pimples. that thing was hardly solving the problem but bleaching one's skin. And in the long run most of those girls who used that product ended up aka toning their skin or full blown bleaching.
    2. Being conscious of acne also opens the door to insecurity.
    One thing people fail to question when they see someone doing this is ask them of their history.
    The media promotes alot of ishh to be very honest and those sublime messages get to some people if you don't have God.
    Do you know the hairstyle they praise me to be wearing at work? Is it even healthy for me? There are lots of kids that succumb to society expectations. Yes I have met a mix race girl that was wearing weave and she told me let no one know it's weave. When I got to know most of my friends that started school at a younger age abroad. They were bullied from their background, accent, nappy hair etc.
    It's only God, prayers and wise words of affirmation that can restore one. Not bashing;dealing with fruit and not the root.

  3. Leave these girls and every other person bleaching their skin alone. Everyone has their own definition of beauty be it bleached skin, shaving eyebrows and drawing it again in the name of getting the perfect arch, using extensions etc. even the so called white people tan to have the brown skin so why dont we crucify them too for trying to be black. If I love myself I will do all what I can to please myself according to my own definition of pleasing myself not yours. Wait for the day they will create a gofundme account begging for your help to treat skin cancer, then you can start your bleached skin sermon, but as of now keep your mouth shut. its not your money they used in setting up their business, neither are they standing with guns on anyone's head to buy. why not also slam the creators of sivoclair, carolight, abidjaniase,caribu and the rest that burnt our mothers who tried bleaching. Laboratoire Biopharma with all its whitening lotions, is right under your nose in Douala have you slammed them,because you can put a face/name to a brand you think you can say what you want.