Monday, 28 March 2016

Father of Madonna's adopted son David Banda blasts the singer

The father of Madonna's adopted son David Banda is worried about the welfare of his child following her public fallout with other son Rocco.

The singer has been locked in a public battle over the custody of teenager Rocco with ex-husband Guy Ritchie for the last few months after the 15-year-old refused to return to his mum for Christmas and speaking about the rift, Yohane Banda has admitted it's concerning.

Yohane - who gave up David for adoption in 2006 when he was seven-months-old - told The Sun: “Madonna and Guy’s custody battle turning bitter and nasty is a huge concern.

“I’d like to know what’s going on behind closed doors and why Rocco wanted to leave his mum and live with his dad like that."

He continued: “My children are all very close and have lots of fun together, which is how life should be for brothers and sisters.
David with Madonna as a baby
“One child living in New York and another in London sounds like an unhappy situation to me.”

It isn't just the Rocco situation he has a problem with.

Madonna's behaviour in general, he believes, is a bad influence on David: "What I have heard about Madonna’s lifestyle since her divorce from Guy sounds quite shocking.

Yohane has admitted he's worried about David
“Her having much younger boyfriends isn’t in line with Malawian culture at all. David would not be exposed to that sort of thing here. It’s not how we live. We have strong family values."

Madge suffered a series of public breakdowns during her recent Rebel Heart tour including calling Guy a "c***" on stage and appearing intoxicated during more than one performance.

Yohane admitted he was worried the behaviour would see Guy take custody of his son, something he insisted he didn't want.

Claiming Guy was never "interested" in David, he said: “I don’t want David to follow Rocco’s decision to go and live with Guy now either. I never got the impression that Guy was interested in adopting David.

“It was Madonna who wanted to take David to live with her.

“The only reason I let Madonna adopt David was because she promised me she would give him a good education and then he could come home to live with me."

source: Mirror


  1. He sold his child and he's now talking crap.

  2. This Child is madonna's child not yours legally, you should have kept your child if you loved him so much... Of course rocco is a teenager and all children at this age can rebel against their patents, this doesn't make parents bad, it's just a phase that needs to managed by both parents to help the out of it.. And this is mostly for the best interest of the child.. This really has nothing to do with David welfare as there has no been any concerns raised in this respect yet.

  3. It is in line with Malawian values to have sold or given them up in the first place? I know some would say it was in the child's best interest...well if so surely everyone has always known Madonna to have these tendencies. Did she non do porn movies and all that to make the money to come adopt from you? Did you not know about this side of Madonna? Well I can feel your pain as a parent myself let's just pray for the best for the kids

  4. C’est vraiment triste que ce Monsieur se plaigne aujourd’hui car il n’a plus de droit légal à interférer dans la vie de ses enfant qu’il a donné pour adoption étant donné que Madonna est très influente et très populaire, l’orgueil de cette Dame ne donnera aucune valeur aux souhaits de cet homme.

    Cependant l’adoption avec aux deux extrémités deux familles très collaboratrices existent et les parents de l’extrémité du cote africain restent en contact avec leur enfants. En Amérique ils appellent cela ‘’opened adoption’’ a l’opposé de ‘’closed adoption’’ où l n’y a plus de contact avec les parents de l’extrémité africaine ce qui pourrait être le cas ici avec Madonna.

  5. Let him take several seats now��.He was not man enough to take care of his son now he has the mouth to talk