Monday, 14 March 2016

Exclusive: Dencia's bestfriend of 10 years addresses the lesbian rumours surrounding her (photos)

Dencia and Rose Fualem 
CEO of Whitenicious and pop singer, Dencia recently released a Statement accusing her affiliate Pearl Chuks for stealing a whopping sum of N40 million from her. A few days after the statement was released, rumours muggers started saying that Pearl was more than just an employee to Dencia. According to the muggers Dencia and Pearl were lovers and when things went South, Dencia got angry and is trying to use the media to ruin Pearl.

Dencia denied the lesbians rumours. She also added that the rumours have been created by Pearl's family as a major of distracting her from retrieving all her stolen money. 

Kinnaka's blog approached Dencia's former bestfriend of 10 years, Rose Fualem who was also sexually linked to Dencia sometime ago. According to word on the streets they allegedly fell out because Rose Fualem got married and Dencia aka Queen of Matamba got jealous. This is what Rose had to say...

Rose Fualem 
"Dencia is not a lesbian and has never had lesbian thoughts. I know her in and out she loves to care for people she loves and protects them. We fell out for personal reasons and not because I got married and Dencia got jealous. Dencia is kind hearted and has always been a victim to users like Pearl! I pray she gets all her money back." said Rose Fualem. 


  1. This is a very cheap write up by Dencia herself. We Nigerians are smarter than this. Dencia explain to the world why you flew an ordinary sales girl in business class from Niger to Atlanta, then LA? She drives your Range Rover Evoque while in LA. You shower her with expensive gifts, you took her to Grammy and BET award, you discovered the fraud in her phone while trying to settle a quarrel between her and her boyfriend-did you have to read her text messages to settle the quarrel or collect her boyfriends no from her. Dencia you cannot fool the world. get wise! we are reading in between lines. The full truth will come out when we hear from her family.

  2. Two bleaching Queens. This one is even better at bleaching. They have a lot in common. She is the lady whom loretta nulla almost finished with insults. Hahahaha

  3. This Rose lady looks like a ghost. If that is her definition of beauty then I am worried about her mental health. I still think they were eating each other's p***y :/