Thursday, 24 March 2016

Exclusive: Cameroonian actress Adambi Mbango, stuns in a super sexy photoshoot (photos)

Earlier this year, Adambi Mbango, 29, reintroduced herself in the fast growing Cameroonian film industry with a bang! The USA-based actress produced and acted in a movie called "Ndolo and the Senator" which has been gaining serious grounds internationally ever since its release on the January 30, 2016.

Adambi is a product of the English Literature and Performing Arts Department of the University of Buea, Cameroon. Her origin is a bit of a mix. She is half Konda, a tribe from the Northwest region around Njikwa and half Ewondo or Eton, whatever you pick. She has acted in movies like Ninah's Dowry by Victor Viyouh, in Don Okolo's Pound of Flesh etc.

Check out these exclusive super sexy photos of Adambi...


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    2. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about douche!!!

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  3. Sublime Adambi

    With some pictures she revealed us her beauty again
    One can see her beautiful face and her high bust
    On which spreads somewhat conservative clothing
    These are very simple and gallant clothes.
    It is the expression of the Adambian beauty

    These images are made of mix colors.
    Brown for the color of her African skin,
    Yellow and black for her simple and attractive clothing,
    With gray black and blond hair,
    In front of a white wall. What a nice contrast!

    The Adambian beauty has a quiet and sympathetic smile.
    Gleaming her lips to the color of her skin,
    Sometime wearing gigantic hearing and still beautiful,
    Having brown eyes that give attention to everyone,
    And a wrinkle-free face that shines at the reflexion of natural light.

    It is a flawless beauty.
    For over her head grows large amount of black or gray hair,
    Intertwined like a labyrinth.
    And spreading to the wind and down on her shoulders,
    Like a maze that reveals its mysteries.

    All this is natural because it is a legacy of birth.
    In other words it is a divine gift,
    She took with her from paradise to earth,
    The day of her birth among us,
    With a particular message.

    Her message is simple:
    Life is Beautiful!
    I am beautiful!
    There are also other beautiful girls on earth!
    This message sounds in a confused silence.

    It's with silence that some appreciate beauty in Africa.
    And it is with harmful noise that human imperfections are criticized.
    Why not the opposite?
    Perhaps because it is an ancestral heritage of wizard and witches.
    This ancestral part of us pushes us to hate good and to love evil.

    The expression of Adambian beauty transcends this empire of negativity.
    And the look on her sympathetic face challenges us,
    To compliment her first,
    And to compliment females among us.
    Our mothers and sisters deserve our compliments similar as we offer to our wives and girlfriends.

    We are unique with our fingerprints,
    And every girl has a unique beauty.
    The Adambian beauty is rather sublime!
    Let’s everyone join me to compliment her as I am doing to a stranger.
    Adambi Mbango is sublime.

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  5. Il est souvent nécessaire que l’on analyse et apprécie à sa juste valeur ce qui nous est nous est présenté en corrélation avec les sensations que ces images pourraient émouvoir en soi. Il en ressort sans ambages que la beauté Adambienne est Africaine.