Monday, 21 March 2016

Die-hard fan cries and begs Psquare to come back together (video)

Just wondering if Kinnaka's blog has a die-hard reader like this....? Some fans are really upset! when will this P-Square brouhaha stop? Poor girl...


  1. Haha!
    I found myself crying too. I guess it was contagious to see her cry and hearing the song and cry too like we do in funeral. Well let's say she taught me how to cry for no for the Psquare unity. Who else cried after seeing this video?

  2. Attention seeker if u ask me. The world is full of very cry worthy incidents in the world right now. Anyway she is lucky she has a safe distance, I would have given her a good slap so she can cry this time for real. Nyam kov

  3. Kiki na me ds ohhh... I be die hard lb