Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dencia addresses lesbian rumours, gives update on the N40m theft

Dencia aka Queen of Matamba has slammed reports she was Pearl's lesbian partner and got jealous and decided to carryout a vendetta against her. Word went out on the streets that Pearl Chuks Pearl Chuks who reportedly stole N40 million from Dencia was her lesbian lover.
Dencia who confirms Pearl is locked up, says the recent stories are coming from Pearl's family, and vows she will retrieve her money.
Messages Dencia reacted to as posted on twitter by @SubDeliveryMan


  1. So she is lesbian den. Anyway kb tell us impt yings lyk updates from dla

  2. Do u know the meaning of vendetta ? Please give us updates about the Douala issue. I learned the heroine who carried out the operation to save the babies is in police custody. Please dig out this info and forget about Dencia and Pearl the thief .

  3. so Dencia aint nothing to be f..ked with...hope these girls hear

  4. Pearl is a fraudstar. from the moment with Tontoh debacle I knew that Pearl was 419. But Dencia was just being loyal to Pearl as a friend. She believed the best in Pearl. Look at a message they laughing at Dencia that she be mumu. see just because Dencia understands when you are black sheep and you are homeless, that's the common ground in which she helped Pearl. Bc Dencia knows how it feels. Some have not made it some are still surviving.
    The bottom line of all Abiola said to Pearl we did Dencia wrong. It was wrong it was wrong. Lets find ways to raise the money. He even shouted at her when he realized what the forge signature was for. And Pearl was trying to cover up.
    The family isn't helping matters instead of coming to an agreement with Dencia they are cooking up ways to get out of the situation fraudulently again.
    Peace Dencia hope you recover the money.