Thursday, 3 March 2016

Checkout How This Pastor Was Disgraced on His Wedding Day (Video)

Oh dear! Things steamed up at the NPC church in Valley road in Kenya, when a handful of women stormed the wedding ceremony of one of the church pastors, John Waituha. The ladies claimed they were all legally married to John, and showed off the kids they each claimed they had for the pastor. 

They also showed off the marriage certificates that authentically bound them to Pastor John. Pastor John could not control his emotions or deny the allegations. He broke down in tears and blamed the devil. The police was later called in to bring the situation under control. 

See the video after the cut: -


  1. Lol so after everything, they still went ahead with the wedding lmao, O well, as the Americans say, "where the do that at"? Only in Africa. N the newly bride thinks she won't be a victim too, abeg a no want die laugh.

  2. That's the problem with our African women. Married men are the target for most single ladies. Despite their awareness, they still hang onto married men. Only God can save us.

    1. msg from a married woman obviously.
      I am single and not married lady or their spouse is my friend.
      y because no one wants to take responsibility for their insecurities. Blame the single ladies and don't face your life!