Saturday, 12 March 2016

See the latest Camer bleaching Queens set to put Whitenicious out of market

Bleaching Queens are creeping up everyday! The quest for a lighter skin tone must be in high demand! Two USA-based Cameroonian entrepreneurs and socialites have teamed up to create a luxury bleaching cosmetic brand called BrightenMi. The pair, Lenore and Lily are said to have spent millions to create what has already been labeled by "bleachers" as the creme de la creme ahead of its launch on March 14, 2016.

According to our source these new products might put Whitenicious out of business in no time.
"BrightenMi is definitely a threat to Whitenicious" said our anonymous source.
The creators of BrightenMi reportedly used themselves and a few others as the guinea pigs during the creation of products. From their before and after photos the product seems to be efficient. However one can't help but question the whole mentality behind these products.

Are BrightenMi bosses trying to tell us that black is no longer beautiful?


  1. Bleaching is the most obvious form of low self esteem for females..hope these so called products won't have side effects or future hazards on customers.. Whether they are tryna put dencia out of work or not ain't none of my bizness

  2. Check out thequeen_rose on IG, don't post this comment.

  3. mais en fait les filles là sont plus belles avant de se javeliser. Elles vont faire croire aux petites filles qu'on est plus belles avec lapeau claire mais quand tu es moche, tu es moche y a rien à faire!!!!

  4. Keep Micheal Jackson yourselves girls. You'll all see the rewards later; it might look beautiful now, but let see if it'll last.��

  5. I wonder what will happen when beyonce is no longer popular. The growing bleaching biz amongst women is cos they wanna be like her.

  6. This life love your self to the extent you know whom you listen to. Words are spirit and once you accept certain words the thought you are not good enough becomes a stronghold.
    I would tell you I stayed away from those who called me blackie!, those who shouted at me that I should go and do chemical peel for my face ( mind you some one junior to me fell for these words and now she is metisse). The family is shocked but they don't check whom she is hanging out with. It's the person who's hanging out with her and has authority over her ear that was trying to instigate others to pressurize me to do cosmetics. those who speak about my nose my bum.. Please God created me and said beauty is from within.
    Love yourself and speak words of affirmation to yourself.
    Yes they have critised my clothes also. But if you know the length these "secure" ladies do to get all these ground cargo way you go die leave am. Please don't accept words that don't better your life. Learn to accept and love yourself. Cut off from people who mean no good for you.
    Mind you secretly you are their hero. Because they can't understand upon all the instigation you don't fall for their crap.
    This product was as a result of one of them suffering from acne. This acne business right from Cameroon, i have noticed the ladies in the long run result to full blown bleaching or toning.

    Besides prayers to God. Scientist have analyzed that acne has to do with what you body is telling you. So you better have a balance diet and be hydrated. Use natural remedies (avocado, honey) lemon once in a while as this lightens dark spots.
    God bless all these girls and heal them from their root.