Sunday, 6 March 2016

Cardinal Tumi tells Paul Biya to leave power!

“When you are old, you can not run a country so young and complex”
The former Archbishop of Douala, 85 years old Cardinal Christian Tumi who retired in 2009 in an interview with the weekly Jeune Afrique to be published tomorrow in Monday, 7 of March 2016 from Paris in France, has pointed some notes in that interview which will undoubtedly unpleasant to the CPDM militants.

Since last month, grassroots and the top class of the political party in power have been demanding their President Paul Biya aged 83, to be their candidate in the next presidential election. Some have even gone further by demanding an anticipated presidential election scheduled in 2018. ” I do not appreciate such behavior.Instead if I was  Paul Biya, I would surprise all these people saying it’s over, I will  withdraw and say I am no longer a candidate, I would ask that my party nominates someone else to take over , “Retired Cardinal Christian Tumi is quoted to have said according to the celebrated Pan-African newspaper Jeune Afrique.

To the question as to why the Cardinal is against Biya’s candidacy? His answer is unequivocal: ” I’m not against the candidacy of the head of state, but you see, we are almost the same age, and that age regardless of your endurance or physical strength, we weakened. When one is old, it may be a good advice that we can no longer run such a young and complex country , “said the man who has always been very critical of the regime in power for over  34 years.


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