Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cameroonian Man Hangs Self Over Women's Day Misunderstanding

According to a Facebook user and Journalist Yanick Fonki, a 35-year-old Cameroonian man committed suicide on women's day because of a disagreement with his wife. Nkendzi Valerie Bertain, a native of Tchouale, Dschang in the West region this Tuesday 8 March, 2016 hanged himself at his backyard.

The note he left behind, the said trader killed himself over misunderstanding with his wife on issues leading to women's day.
Going by the note, Valerie not able to afford for a women's day fabric for  his wife, was not served food on the eve of women's day with his wife claiming there was no money for food.

When he woke up on women's day and realised his wife had packaged herself so well for the celebrations, he felt so disappointed and disrespected to the point he decided to leave this world.
He was found hanged to the roof of his kitchen backyard later on women's day. He leaves behind 3 children to morn him.


  1. Am sorry to say ds...stupidity! if dats really d reason for wc he killed himself. wat abt d children? He didn't think abt them?

  2. Badluck man. Cheiiiii . For what naaa as. RIP. We shall meet on the other side.