Sunday, 27 March 2016

CAMEEA Awards 2K16 is already loading in style

We saw and recognised the stars in the heart of Cameroon. The golden magnet of their glittering talents jerked us incredibly to hurry home and celebrate their names. We got home on time to find the magnanimous flairs baking with the energy of Cameroon's uniqueness. In the presence of all the notables of the land, we put the crowns on their heads and retained the memories of their exhilaration. 

Oh! How the streets of Douala trembled in the last days of 2015 as the emerging stars held right up the trophies of their indubitable inventories. As they took the trophies to their respective communities, the talent bell began calling again on them to work harder, and for hidden talents to flash iotas of their skills so that the world can honor them too. Get ready, in the last days of 2016, we shall still be there in Douala to strengthen the old and give hope to the young.

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