Thursday, 17 March 2016

Battered Woman Married Less Than A Year Warns Ladies

Ja'kara Falmore, a married American woman who is a victim of domestic violence took to Facebook to warn ladies about ignoring early signs in a relationship.

She has been married less than a year yet her husband has turned her into his favourite punching bag, and with her post she hopes to reach out to those in a similar situation.

She wrote:


  1. Good speed to the lady being candid. Not those living in denial and throwing insults at single ladies.

    When they show you the signs BELIEVE THEM!

    By his grace the male child will know to love themselves.

    Mami ashia
    I got no chill... one guy insulted me and told me i haven't been beaten. please i just block the guy. let him gather sense.

  2. When u get those guys who put their pants on their waste no good up bringing ,no Godfearing trouble knocks ,i know violence,the make u be violent too .Run!