Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Angry Cameroonian creates scandal at Biya’s hotel in Geneva (video)

A Cameroonian who could not take it anymore went to the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva – Switzerland to express his anger. Note that this hotel is where the president of the republic usually stays during his travel abroad. The man, whom we don’t have the identity, took with him a loudspeaker and decided to shout.

In the video, he says “Biya should come out from that Hotel. Biya is in the 6th floor of the building. Biya declared war against Boko Haram and decided to run and hide in that hotel. He spends billions of CFA Frs in that hotel that could be used to develop villages, build roads, hospitals, schools etc.”

The man shouted so loud that the manager of the hotel came out to calm him down. The Cameroonian vehemently refused and said he will only leave after Biya has left the hotel.

Watch the video below!

Source: Kmersaga


  1. Hmmmm...this is nice oh...we have to start speaking up...enough is enough...

  2. some cameroonians would never stop to amaze me. This womans dead has nothing to do with Biya. some one you would be surprised to know there are bodies in place to shun down such practices in hospitals just as there are persons who are suppose to fight bribe but this same people collect bribe from those that collect bribes from us. do you want another institution to be created to collect bribes from those who are to stop those collecting bribes! our problem is within. And until cameroonians realise this we are going no where. Hate it or love it.

  3. This is such old news, I swear I saw this years ago. This blog just recycles information Kmt pls be current!

  4. Kinnaka i beg update. Dis news is as old as Methuselah.

  5. old news, what's the point in publishing news long ago to make readers think it just happened?