Wednesday, 9 March 2016

All you need to know about Waz Hadji

Waz Hadji full name Wirngo Alhadji  Zulkifli. Born in 1982  in Jakiri Bui Division, North West Region, Cameroon.
Alhadji Zulkifli (WazHadji) grew up in Jakiri and attended  the Government  Bilingual Primary School GBPS Jakiri and part of his Secondary School Education  in GHS Jakiri. He later moved to Douala to complete a professional training TRACTAFRIC, graduating as a mechanic.
After a few years Waz Hadji moved to Yaounde working as a mechanic and took an interest in music. This is where it all began.

In 2006 Waz Hadji released his first album produced by himself. The album went viral and was on all local TV and Radio stations.
In 2010 he released a single "My Only" which was well received by the audience with multiple airplays on radio and TV. This finally led to a recording deal at Sea Sound Records later in 2013. In 2014, he released a single, "Na Helele" featuring Small Sea and DJ P.... This marked another milestone in his career putting his name among the other greats in the Cameroon Urban Music Landscape.

He released two other single; Scatter Money (ft Baron) and Suffer. His most anticipated single "Strong Strong ft Sersha" its slated to be released in the coming weeks with its video entirely shot in Yaounde. This one will surely be a redefining moment in the music industry

Listen to "Strong Strong" below...

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