Tuesday, 8 March 2016

All you need to know about MaMichoux

MaMichoux is a fashion blog which was created in early 2015 by Acho Marthe, a mom, nurse and natural fashionista. Her passion for fashion and style let her to start fashion blogging. It started off as a personal fashion blog where Marthe(currently living in Seoul, South Korea) showed her love for fashion and her ability to help other women be comfortable in what they wear.

MaMichoux is currently making waves all over social media and has featured other ladies doing great in the fashion business like Hilda of Mammypi, Idylle of Art Becomes You, Lily of Befabnstaychic, to name a few. Also Tee Tande of Cooking with Terese and Cynthia Tabe of ModemaisonPr. This goes to show her enthusiasm in supporting and promoting other women. Clearly she isn't bothered being part of a bigger circle of bloggers. We love women who shine light on other women.

Marthe started the "Features" column on her blog where she will be featuring talent across the world of fashion and beyond. New things popping!

Visit the website: www.mamichoux.com
Facebook page(over 30K likes): MaMichoux
Instagram: mamichouxx
Twitter: prettymichelle

MaMichoux's message for women on this women's day 2016:
"We women are the more powerful sex in the world. We have the power to do anything if we set our minds to it. There are no limits to what a determined woman can do. Stand up for your rights, do not accept what others want you to do but do always what you want to do. Go for your dreams and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Women let's not be our own enemy. Let's work together and support each other and together this world will follow our lead. We are born to lead.  We bring people into this world, we can definitely make our own decisions. Happy women's day to all women fighting for a better life around the globe"


  1. Thank you much Kiki. Thanks for the support.

  2. Slay mama slay!! Happy womens day! great message!