Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A weapons factory soon in Cameroon?

It has become an open secret. Cameroon and Turkey want to joint hands to bar the way to the terrorist sect Boko Haram. They want to work on the establishment of a weapons and ammunition factory. This industry wants to be the materialization of military cooperation between Ankara and Yaounde. So it was to study the framework and terms of cooperation that Joseph Beti Assomo Defense Minister received on February 29, the Turkish delegation led by Major General Umut Saban.
If it is true that all points of exchange between Joseph Beti Assomo and Saban Umut have not been made public, it is at least known that the Turkish delegation to stay in Cameroon puts an emphasis on the security aspect. Rene Claude Meka as the Chief of Staff of the armed forces and Jean Baptiste Bokam Secretary of State for Defense in charge of the Gendarmerie had already received respectively Saban Umut who is in reality the Sub-Secretary of State for Industry of Turkish ministry of defense.

In the agenda of the Turkish, we also noted the visit of the central laboratory equipment. Demonstrations were made there to the great satisfaction of Cameroonian hosts. The General of the Turkish division also inquired on the problems facing the Cameroonian army. We learn that he promised support of his country to meet some difficulties. He also said that he will see “on the training of police officers on dealing with terrorist attacks regarding scientific and technical police and security arrangements and prevention of attacks.”

On March 1st, the Turkish delegation went to Garoua to visit the cartridge factory in the region. This 2 March in Yaounde they took part in the meeting of experts of the bipartisan commission to the agreement of the arms industry.

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