Friday, 11 March 2016

Meet the man with a 10 inch penis thanks to silicone injections

A German man who had his penis enlarged with silicone injections claims it now weighs half a stone.

Micha Stunz, has a 9 inch-long, 3.5 inch penis that now weighs between 7.5 – 9.5lbs, between 3 and 4.3kg, he says.

‘I can’t say exactly how much it weighs, I just know that my kitchen scale, which shows up to 6.6lb, hasn’t been enough for a while,’ he told

Mr Stunz, 45, who lives in Berlin, said he had his penis permanently enlarged in this way, not because it makes him feel more beautiful, but because it makes him feel ‘better’.

Curiously, the silicone implants provide no physical pleasure and actually make sex much more difficult for him - although it is not impossible.

He cannot get a normal erection – and any increase in size is not visible due to all the silicone.

But although his giant penis restricts his sex life, he says it makes him more creative in the bedroom.

He told Vice: ‘After you reach a certain size, you can't do certain things any more.
‘At least not with everyone and not without some foreplay. But there are other things you can do with it. You just have to free yourself from established roles and ideas about sex and be ready to play.’
Mr Stunz’s interest in penis modification 20 years ago, when he was given a pump as a present.
‘I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself,’ he said.
‘And I found that when I went out pumped up, it was a good feeling, it felt great.’

Source: Daily Mail


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