Friday, 5 February 2016

What is going on in Toke Makinwa's household again?

Toke Makinwa got married to Maje in 2014. Not long after that. he allegedly got his long time girlfriend of 8 years pregnant. This rocked Toke's marriage for a few months but then things became seemly normal as she went back to wearing her wedding ring and even attended a public event together with her husband. A few months ago however, the media personality and vlogger declared herself single. Today she tweeted some touching and heart breaking tweets. See them below... 


  1. Whitney houston .its not right but its ok

  2. Men are really evil.see this pretty lady..looks really can't keep a man..Toke please go where there is love.after impregnating someone else now he's seeing someone else.such men never change..sad story

  3. There are always 3 - 4 sides to every story. I am just gonna seat right here, eat my popcorn see how this story unfolds. And y'all quick to conclude, seems y'all witnessed what happened? Anyhow, "Anything between Man & Woman, NO put your mop dey" - Prince Eyango