Thursday, 4 February 2016

Unseen footage of a bloodied & beaten Gaddafi during his capture (Graphic Video)

An unseen footage of Libya's Col Gaddafi  filmed moments just after he was captured on October 20, 2011 has surfaced. 
It was shot by rebel fighter Ayman Almani on his mobile phone as the crowds gathered and cheered their success. The bloody and shaken dictator is being paraded on the bonnet of a truck as a man stands above him holding a gun to his head. The footage was brought to light my a BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse tracked down Mr Almani who showed him this never seen before footage.

 He deserved it," says Mr Almani as he watched the clip.Islam teaches us not to mistreat a prisoner, not to bear a grudge.But the people got carried away in the stampede and no-one could stop them.
The video is graphic and some views might find it disturbing. 

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