Monday, 8 February 2016

UK-based Nigerian Lesbian mum-to-be tricked man into getting her pregnant and then dumped him

The 30-year-old mature student, Kafayat Adegoke set out to be a single mum and drew up a wishlist of characteristics she wanted in her child. Then she set about finding a man – any man – who would oblige by sleeping with her as many times as possible to get her her pregnant. But the “lucky” fella would never know all she wanted was to become pregnant and that he was being used.

Once she was expecting, the “lover” was to be dumped unceremoniously and denied any chance of bringing up the offspring. Kafayat, whose baby is due in June, and now in a lesbian relationship with 26-year-old Aisha Atan, insists she is not attracted to the opposite sex and did it because it was cheaper and more natural than IVF or surrogacy.
Kafayat and her girlfriend
She said: “Ever since I was a little girl I have yearned for a baby. I looked into IVF and surrogacy but they both seemed quite expensive. I also felt IVF was unnatural.
“I thought logically and what I needed was a sperm donor and there were plenty of these walking the streets and I could take my pick.
“I decided to pretend I was straight and trick a man into getting me pregnant.”
Last autumn, after a year of hunting for her version of Mr Right, her plan finally paid off when she got pregnant by a man she had been seeing for two months.
Kafayat has been put on the blast by critics who think she is a manipulator and has no right to kick the father of the child out of its life. These critics are also trying to contact the father of the unborn child.
Are you the daddy? Did you get Kafayat pregnant or where you one of her other men? Email or call 02072933061


  1. Dang! Total waste of my precious minutes! Who got time for some lesbian with a twisted double standards. Why deny being with a man but wanting to enjoy the benefits of being with one? Are bloggers running out of news these days?

  2. I don't see y ds has to mk headlines on ds blog