Sunday, 28 February 2016

Tiwa Savage Opens Up: "Why I was Not Attracted To My Husband At First Sight"

Tiwa Savage recently revealed that before she dated or fell inlove with her husband, she apparently never liked him because of his ego.

Speaking to Nigeria’s Pulse TV Tiwa Savage said that her husband is not the same man she knew from the past. He is now a changed man because before they got involved Tunji Balogun popularly known as Tee Billz was a man full of himself and this always seemed to turn her off.
I didn’t really like him when I first met him. I was just like this guy thinks he is too hot. He is so opinionated, he just says what he feels, and that is how he is.

But with time she got to know more about him and that is how their relationship was born. However Tee Billz had to sacrifice somethings inorder for their love to survive.
Tiwa also talked about how her family was against their relationship since Tee billz had fathered children from his previous relationships.

She however held on tight with hopes of her family giving her man a chance and this is how their relationship grew into marriage.

But as it is, love is a beautiful thing that helps people overlook each others imperfections by forcusing on the positive traits.

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