Friday, 19 February 2016

Tiger Woods won't help his half siblings

Golf superstar, Tiger Woods has been put on blast by his half-siblings for refusing to help even in their time serious need. 
Woods' older half-sibling Kevin Woods has been battling multiple sclerosis and is now confined to a wheelchair. He needs a caretaker and is in danger of losing his San Jose home. The other half-siblings has tried to contact Woods on Kevin's behalf to no avail. Their cry for help have fallen into deaf ears.

According to what Kevin's brother Earl Woods Jr. told ESPN's Rick Reilly, calls to their famous sibling have gone unreturned. 
"I leave messages. I leave updates on Kevin, but for whatever reason I don't get a response. … Kevin loves Tiger. A call from Tiger would really pump Kevin up. When he doesn't call, it just makes him feel worse," Earl Woods Jr. said.
Woods' rep did not immediately respond when requested for comment.

Earl Woods Jr., Kevin Woods, and their sister Royce, share the same father, Earl Woods, as Tiger. They are the offspring of Earl Woods' first marriage to Barbara Gary.
The Woods siblings remained close with their half-brother until he turned "about 15 or 16," and his star started to rise, Earl Woods Jr. said. Since their father's death in 2006, the half-siblings have been unable to contact Woods at all. No one seems to know the reason for the rift.
Now Kevin Woods needs his famous brother's help, Earl Woods Jr. says.
"Nobody's asking for money here, but [a caregiver] really would be nice for Kevin. It would make Kevin comfortable. He wouldn't have to leave his house. … But we'd at least like to be able to find out how Tiger is, to find out if he's OK, and to let him know if we're OK," Earl Woods Jr. told Reilly.

Barbara Gary Woods, Earl Woods' first wife, told Reilly, "I'm very disappointed in Tiger. Before he got all famous, they were in touch a lot."
Earl Woods Jr. was more vehement.
"I'd like to [slap] Tiger, wake him up. I'd like to say, 'Don't come knocking on the door when you need a bone-marrow transplant.' To see this is the response we get? Maybe when you see the world like he does, you don't see what other people are going through. But, seriously? You've got problems with your knee? That's nothing compared to what Kevin is going through. Nothing," he said.

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  1. Peut-être il y a un conflit non résolu dans cette famille. La mère de Tiger Wood est très proche de son fils et super stars.

    Se jeter dans les médias pour salir son image ne fait que aggraver la situation et cela peut rendre la décision de Tiger Wood irréversible pour la vie contre eux-mêmes. Lorsque les media parleront moin de ce problème Tiger Wood lui continuera sa vie sans problème.