Sunday, 21 February 2016

This Nigerian babe is Brutal! Check this out!

lol Happy Sunday....


  1. Wow I said it that the world will end very soon. After gay marriage, blood shed everywhere everyday,high rate of divorce, abortion etc now having more than one boy friend or girl friend is so popular to an extend people have slogan, even ur boo has a boo. Everything in this world is so fuck up shame

  2. Mogabe said 'when i look at the if we look at the girls we spent money on instead of giving our mums thats when we know witchcraft does exist'.Its be like be 'sweet mother,i no go 4get u'...Lies !! and u go around spending over girls,buying iphones when ur mother uses a nokia touch suppotted by a rubber band.The girls will only treat u as they do,that 2.5k naira cake could have gone to ur mama

    1. let them be honest why they spending that money.
      It's booty call. They know they can't get that from their mom.
      yes witchcraft is selfishness.
      Mostly spend because it's transaction sex.
      Even today I question any hello from a guy.
      I borrowed money not up to a £100 and got the insult of my life. Nothing is free or borrowing. Even dinner is not free oh. no more lets share food. please nothing is free. The media has helped men especially to focus on SEX.
      Truly end times.

  3. Is-o-rait! Soji hahaha
    lesson learned. hahaha