Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Shots Fired!!! Jim Iyke Blasts Fan In Lengthy Derogatory Reply

No nonsense actor, Jim Iyke who seldom replies fans on his Instagram page replied a one of his followers who instigated the beast in him by tagging his page as boring.

Jim who has shifted his base to the United States shares mostly posts about his political party campaigns, this IG user decided to tell him how unimpressed he is and he gets into his bad books with a lengthy derogatory response.

The IG user wrote, “Oh lord! Your IG page is so fucking boring, “Imma have to unfollow you right so no need to block me asshole.”
This got to Jim and he replied in epic manner

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  1. #EPIC response. Some of these followers sef dey tire man.

  2. this is really crazy,if u don't like a celebrity is it a must to comment his/her post?not to talk of insulting them gush

  3. Seems some of you still need to understand who a celebrity is and if one decides to become one then he needs a think skin. Jim Iyke responds makes him look like the Nigerian version of Kanye West. Mr. Iyke , you sure need a think skin to deal with your fans- I think you over reacted here!!

  4. I think this response is very childish n stupid that guy didn't even insult him even if he did so what??? Does Jim know what other celebrities endure? Grow up Jim

  5. So because others take shit, he should do as well? Bullshit. I love what he did. He responded very well.

  6. C’est un message sérieux contre tous ceux qui veillent s’aventurer contre lui sur les réseaux sociaux. Avec un message si dur, ce troller qu’on ne peut pas appeler fan va savoir qu’il a affaire a quelqu’un de sérieux et de mieux inspirer que lui. Vraiment cet artiste est aussi inspirer avec des mots pour se défendre.