Monday, 29 February 2016

See a woman's epic reaction to her 'tiny' engagement ring

Some women have no chill! Can't blame her though...


  1. You can't blame her for being so materialistic, loving a ring more than she loves her partner? That says more about you

    1. Nonsense! If my man is worth a mountain and gives me a ring that is worth an ant hill, that should be a sign that indicates how much value he puts on me. If a man is not willing to put his money where his heart is, I wonder what kind of heart he has.

    2. @Jutice sometimes I visit this blog only to see what you have to say. Your comments on the NK matter made my day. I agree with you, a man should put his money where his heart is. I look forward to reading more from you.
      Good job kiki


    3. What could be said about a man who provided for his female partner financially in many other aspects and when it comes the moment of the engagement ring he is financially exhausted because the female commit him in many obligations so that he cannot meet her expectation on the value of the ring?

      What could be said about a man that capitalize his love expression on a ring and make it very expensive but fail to meet the emotional and financial need of his female partner in other aspects, since only the ring speaks louder?

      What could be said about a man who aims for an expensive ring but the female partner still consider it as cheaper for some reason of her own?

      What could be said about men who were raised and educated not to give expensive gifts to their female counterparts but yet love her more than he love his own family?

      What could be said about couple who aim for expensive rings but agreed that both of them should contribute in it?

      What could be said about a man who don’t want to give a ring at all and suppose that the expression of his heart and daily commitment is enough? Maybe he has a low education level in school and don’t know anything about the ring. Maybe he just don’t want to humble himself and play that game. What about it?

      As of me a loving man should give constant value to his girlfriend or wife around many thing including a ring. Some men need to be educated on meeting that expectation of their potential wife. A good form of education is to allow the couple to talk about their expectations on a sensitive gift like this before buying it. It could be a direct or an indirect conversation as long as they understand each other without frustrating themselves.

    4. Hahaha! Auguste, always phyilosophising, I like that.

    5. Anonymous @ 08:22 thanks for the kind words. I wish I could be more present on the blog but my programme doesn't permit it. I will of course hang around with the nice people I have met here when ever I can.

      Lots of love.

  2. I was engaged with a very cheap ring. I thought it was because my husband was a student when he proposed to me. I accepted it with joy thinking it was what he had. When he finished school and started working, he treated me worst than I ever expected. . Then he dumped me and got another woman. I don't blame the woman at all.

  3. I look forward to the evenings when I come home tired n settle down with the entertainment from this blog! Not to mention the comments from Auguste I wish I could give u a beer! Pls Kiki the size matters the man shld put his money where his mouth is!