Saturday, 20 February 2016

Rihanna allegedly ‘Suicidal’ because of her plunge in popularity

According to online tea, Rihanna's management had to talk her off the ledge. A record label rep who divulged the info said Rihanna is “suicidal” after a series of unfortunate mishaps threaten to derail her career.

It seems the 27-year-old singer was hit with a triple whammy: her album, ANTI, flopped. Then her concert tour was postponed due to slow (or no) ticket sales. And now she is reeling from negative fan reaction to her self-designed Puma trainers.

The “Fenty by Rihanna” Puma sneakers line debuted last week at NY Fashion Week.
Fans reactions were immediate and unified in their disapproval of the shoes. The reactions run the gamut from “Those shoes are hideous!” to “Even Rihanna can’t make these look sexy.”

The record label insider said Rihanna has been “crying her eyes out for several days.”
She said management had no choice but to postpone the concert tour until May. Rihanna is in no shape to go on stage.
“She’s not used to… losing. She’s used to winning. Now she’s a loser and she’s feeling [depressed],” said the source.

The source confirmed reports that Rihanna was heated when she was asked to give up her slot for Beyonce’s “surprise performance” at the Grammys last week.
“She was enraged,” said the insider. “It was the culmination of a very bad few months.”


  1. Awww poor thing. But suicide is not the best option RRI baby.

  2. Being famous is terrible. Someone who has a normal life and eats at-least 2 square meals a day is better off. Let her get herself back together and focus. I listened to that album and must admit, it's not RiRi's best effort ever. Tidal and Samsung just helped her sell the album online strategically.. All the best for her though.