Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Referee Cesar Flores shot dead after showing player red card in Argentina

A referee was murdered on the football pitch just moments after he showed a player a red card in Argentina.
Cesar Flores, 48, was shot three times, in the head, chest and neck,by the attacker who is still at large and being hunted by authorities.

Another player was also shot in the chest but survived - 25-year-old Walter Zarate was rushed to hospital but is said to be recovering.
The incident, which took place in Campo de la Bribera, the provincial capital of Cordoba, Argentina, on Sunday, saw the man run onto the pitch and pull a gun from his backpack as the game was being played. 
"It all happened during the match," police spokesman told the Efe news agency. "We don't know what happened with the referee but the player was angry and went to get his gun and killed him."

Source: The Independent

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  1. Le football est un jeu très passionné pour certains supporters. Pourtant ce n’est qu’un jeu. Même au Cameroun certains meurent tout seul par excès de passion pour une victoire ou bien une défaite. Pourquoi tant d’intérêt à un simple jeu au point d’ôter la vie d’un homme à bout portant ?