Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pope loses his cool with person who almost knocked him down (photos)

A video footage showing a different side of Pope Francis from the one we normally see has surfaced. The Pope who is usually calm and accommodating with his admirers, but clearly lost his temper in this video with a person who pulled on him so hard that he fell onto a man on a wheel chair. The video footage showed that while the pope was walking at the edge of a crowd in a stadium, he stopped to greet children who were sitting.

Two arms reached out to grab him and the person would not let go, even after the pope lost his balance and his chest was pressing on the child's head.

 Aides and security men stopped the pope from falling to the ground.
After he returned to an upright position, his face turned angry.

He looked at the person, raised his voice and said twice in Spanish: "Don't be selfish!"


  1. So where was the Pope wrong then. Or you just want people to read your blog with such funny writeups and caption. Tssiiuuupppp

    1. Age said "pope loses cool...".she didn't say pope beat hell out of anonymous

  2. Dear Anonymous or blogger because i know you are one. All is that you have read it and you were kind enough to leave a comment. Keep up Kiki. You know how to capture your readers. Lol